Five Reason You SHOULD NOT Have A Family Portrait This Year

 and why you are kidding yourself 🙂


1.  “I am trying to lose weight” OR “ I want my hair to be longer”

In theory, that is great!  However, most people never look the way they want to look and if you wait to get pictures until then you’ve missed precious time with your family!  I’ve been tempted myself to just do an image of the kids but I want them to have an image of all of us.   I am trained to make you look great in camera.   Just let me know your concerns! 

2.  “I have the orneriest______________(two-year-old, husband, teenager).”

I’ve seen it all.  I like a challenge and sometimes that onry two-year-old will flash me a smile while he runs away and it’s your favorite image of him EVER.  Mini-sessions are perfect for those Dads and teenagers that don’t want to even come close to a camera.  They take 20 minutes and we are done.

3. “It cost too much.” 

So does going to the movies and eating out and those are gone in a couple of hours!   Images last into the next generation.  I wouldn’t expect that every year you’d buy a 30×40 canvas for your livingroom (although you can, we won’t discourage it!).  Some years are just for the Christmas card!  Mini-Sessions are a great way to get a discount on both the session and the prints. 

4. “I haven’t even framed last years pictures!”

 Yeah, me either.  I have a plan to get it all organized before my first one graduates.  I’ll keep you posted.

5.  “My family isn’t complete.  We are going to wait until we have one more baby.”

 So the other child/dog/your husband doesn’t count?  I love images of my family with one, then two, then all of us, then dogs.  Don’t wait!  It’s so fun to watch your family grow in portraits!


Make Your Appointment Today!

 Just a couple of days left to save on the mini-sessions! 

 $99 on or before September 1, $150 after

25 cards 50% pre-pay option

(pay $300 get $450 in credit)


Our first Mini-Session date is September 18.  We will again be finding a unique spot along Silver Mountain Road only 15 minutes from Rapid City. 

 Click on the image to make your appointment!


Next up is our Urban Sessions in downtown Rapid City.  We’ll be using a few other locations and avoiding art alley this year.  Think you aren’t cool enough to pull of an urban session?  Think again! 

Two dates available for these mini-sessions including a week-day!  September 23,24.  Click on the image to book your urban mini-session!


To finish up our Mini-Sessions this year we’ll be in Sioux Park on October 1 & 2.  Beautiful location and easy to get to.  A new couch is on it’s way 🙂 

This is probably the easiest mini-session for busy schedules!  Click on the image to book a park mini-session today!