Evie’s Ear Part 3: The Healing Caps Come Off!

Oh boy.  We are soooooo close!  Today was the final step to getting Evie ready to get her ear made!  Those big clunky healing caps off and the very cute and tiny abutments were put in place.  (she couldn’t get past the fact that the word BUTT is in this word..she’s still just nine) It didn’t hurt just took a little while.  These are the new little caps that the magnets go on to snap on her new ear.  Fancy!  Evie and I hit the road on Sunday to spend the week in Minneapolis.  Prayers for safe travels and for insurance provisions would be very appreciated!  Stay tuned for an exciting week 🙂


The healing caps still in place.


we had to wait….


they’re out!20150604_0515

one abutment in20150604_051820150604_0519

both in!20150604_0521