Happy Gotcha Day Evie Grace

It is so hard to believe that it has been three years since this little girl made the big trip from Korea and into our family.  This probably the last year I will be able to squeeze her into her hanbok, a gift from her foster parents.  Lately she’s had a real intrest in her foster parents.  She wants to call her foster mom all the time.  She also seems to think she has a sister in Korea on which she blames everything she’s ever done.  Silly girl!

Tiny baby Evelyn her second day home (4 months old)


And today, (3 years 4 months) sassy pants, vee-vee, eves, veeves, evie grace, evie gracie, gracie girl, evie gracerton.  We love you!


If you read my blog but don’t really know us, Evie is pronounced like adam and eve.  EEEEvie. Why? Because I said so!   I’ve had lots of people ask, so that will clear that up.