Legacy’s Economic Stimulus Package

Could it get better than what Obama has proposed?  Maybe!  I’ve got a couple of things in the works that will definitely make you smile!



I am happy to announce a new referral program that will start April 15, 2009.  When you refer someone to me who has a session after April 15, 2009 I will happily give you $25.00 in legacy cash to spend on your next order. Here’s the deal:

1.  The person you referred has to tell me either when they book or when the are at the session (don’t worry, I’ll ask!).

2.  The person you referred has to hold and pay for their session before you get credit.

Word of mouth is really the back bone of my business and I appreciate all of you who have already spread the word.  If you let me know by April 15 who you’ve ALREADY referred that has had a session (now don’t just start pulling names off the blog I have ways of finding you out) I have something special for you too!  Just send me an email!



You can be my friend on facebook (Amy Zochol Oyler) and a fan of Legacy Photo and Design.  Legacy Fans can watch for special “facebook only” specials coming soon.



I’ll be announcing a few blog contests coming soon that will result in my favorite thing. . . free stuff!!!  Keep an eye out!


My prices will also be changing on April 15, 2009   You can check back on the pricing page (under the heading “INFO” along the top) when the date gets closer.  I’ve added some great new things!  For example the Sabrina wall collection comes as prints ready to frame or on fabulous 2″ gallery wrap canvas ready to hang.  You can even have your own photos you don’t have to have these!cover1

  1. Sonja Love posted the following on March 31, 2009 at 8:19 am.

    Hello AMY!!!!

    I have a few things to settle up with you from Christmas…I KNOW! I completely blocked it out after you were AMAZINGLY efficient with our Christmas cards and maybe I forgot about it because I didn’t even keep ONE! They were a hit.
    I am also SUPER excited about the refferal program!
    Sonja Love