Wedding Wednesday: Sunsets {Rapid City Wedding Photographer}

As a wedding photographer, of course I think each part of a couple’s wedding day is important to capture. That being said, there is one time of the day that I find particularly magical. It’s the few moments right before sunset where we get to borrow the newly wedded for some very special photos. By this point we’ve already had fun with the wedding party, family photos and, of course, the ceremony. This is the time, though, where the couple and only the couple can step back and really take a moment to enjoy everything around them as we create some gorgeous images.

It always amazes me how fast a day can come and go when someone has been spending months (or longer) in preparation for it. Between getting ready, chatting with relatives, traveling between venues, dinner, toasts, and so much more, I think couples owe it to themselves to take advantage of these 15 minutes or so that we ‘steal’ them away from their reception. It’s a time when they can finally slow down for a few moments and really take in the fact that they are now married. After all, even though they’ve invited everyone to share in their day, it really is all about them and the commitment they’ve made to one another. As a guest, never fear. We return them (most often) before you even notice they’re missing!

If you’re wondering why I love this time of day in particular as a photographer…well, see for yourself: