Surgery complete:  we were all amazed at how brave she was and how little pain there was!   Her fancy pink wrap came off  the day after surgery and that is where the melt-down began.  Let’s face it.  Battle wounds of surgery aren’t really fashion.  Evie was very surprised by how yucky it looked was sad that she thinks it looks worse than a broken ear.  We didn’t expect the healing caps to be so big and didn’t expect quite so many stitches.   I’ll be honest.  I didn’t prepare her for it either.  That was a choice I made and I’ll still stick with it as the right one.  I think a week of aftermath was better than three months of apprehension leading up to the surgery.  Last Friday she got her stitches out and in the car she turned to me and said “I think that was the last hard thing.”  I think she’s right!  Happily everything is healing quickly and she’s back to our Evie.   She went back to school on Monday.   The caps will come off in June when we are heading back to Minnesota to get this girl an ear!     If your tummy is squeamish you might want to skip the second picture (although trust me when I say I can’t believe how great it looks and how quickly it is healing).


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